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Madhya Pradesh: 'Dead man' gets up in mortuary just before post-mortem, probe demanded

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BHOPAL: In a shocking incident, a man who had been declared dead and had been taken for post-mortem, suddenly got up inside the mortuary.

The man was found alive though he was considered dead till then.

This incident occurred in Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh. The man was injured in a road accident. When doctors declared him dead, the 'body' was sent to mortuary. The post-mortem was to begin. 

However, one of the doctors found that the victim was alive. Immediately, the process to conduct post-mortem was stopped. Later, he was sent to Nagpur for further treatment.

As news of the 'body' getting back to life spread, people rushed to the government hospital to see the person. The accident victim's kin said that it was a case of severe neglect and have demanded a probe in this regard.