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ATS busts ISI agents' network, 11 arrested for espionage in Madhya Pradesh

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BHOPAL: The Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) has arrested 11 persons on charges of espionage for Pakistan’s ISI.

The main accused, Jitendra Kumar, was arrested from Gwalior. Jitendra and his co-accused, Ritesh Khullar and Kush, were first arrested and later other suspected ISI agents were arrested. 

The arrests were made in a statewide operation—five from Gwalior, three from Bhopal, while the rest were picked up from Satna and Jabalpur. 

ATS chief Sanjeev Shami said the arrested men were involved in sending information about vital installations including army camps to their handlers in the foreign country.

He said that the arrested persons were running an illegal telephone exchange  that converted internet calls to cellular and landline calls in order to hide the identities. 

The arrests were made on the basis of inputs that were obtained after Balram, a resident of Satna, was arrested following tip of central investigative agencies. Money came mainly to Balram's account and it was under scanner for long. 

All those arrested are being interrogated. Jitendra is therelative of a Gwalior-based BJP leader. Those arrested have been booked for anti-national activity (sedition) apart from Telegraph Act. The equipment used for running the illegal telephone exchange has been seized.

The exchange was used to mask the handlers and was medium for connecting the handlers based in foreign countries and their agents who were involved in anti-national activities. The arrested persons were also involved in lottery frauds and other crimes that are being investigated. Photo cortesy