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Bank employee tells Bangla speaking customer to 'Go to Bangladesh or Pakistan', HDFC orders probe

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KOLKATA: A man was allegedly told to 'Go to Pakistan or Bangladesh' as he wanted to fill the deposit slip in Bangla.

Incidentally, this occurred in Kolkata, capital of West Bangal where Bangla is the state language.

The complainant, Amit Sen, has stated that he mostly filled the slip in Bengali but on the particular day, he was insulted and the objectionable remarks were made by a bank employee.

In his complaint, he mentions that the employee asked him to fill it in either Hindi or English. Sen says that when he insisted to fill it in Bengali, he was insulted and told to learn the languages or 'Go to Pakistan or Bangladesh'. 

Sen has made a written complaint to the bank officials. He has mentioned the entire incident and asked the bank to clarify that how a salaried employee of the bank could insult him in this manner for using his mother tongue for official use.

"Who has given him the right to insult my mother tongue. What kind of arrogance you tolerate that your employee can ask a customer to 'Go to Pakistan or Bangladesh?'. Sen has also asked why the RBI guidelines were not being followed.

After the complaint was made available on social media, it was widely shared on Twitter. Prof Garga Chatterjee raised the issue, tagging the bank's official customer care handle. The bank has said that the complaint has been received and is being investigated on top priority.