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Bhopal: People take to streets against hate, seek action against inflammatory speeches

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BHOPAL: A march to raise awareness about dangers posed by hate speeches, was taken out in the City on Sunday .

The participants said that hate speeches are a poison for the social fabric of the nation and the biggest threat to harmony in the society.

Carrying placards with messages against hate speeches, the participants began their march from Iqbal Maidan. The group, Insani Biradiri, had given the call for the peace march. It was joined by representatives of many social organisations. 

Social activist Madhuri Krishnaswamy said that the hate speeches are causing divisions in society and leading the mob to commit violence and even murders. She said that people must rise for the sake of social harmony and defeat the forces that are dividing us.

Madhuri said that hate crimes and murder of people just because of their faith, show how hate speeches can affect the society.  Youngsters and kids were also present in this foot march that culminated at Neelam Park.

The participants spoke at the programme. They said that the aim is to send a message against hate preachers who hell-bent on spreading the poison of communalism. The killings in the name of Gau Raksha or Love Jihad are examples of it, they said.

“We appeal to the supreme court and the centre to take action”, he said. “We will approach the courts in order to stop hate speeches”, he further said. Social workers, prominent citizens and activists including Abdul Jabbar, Shailendra Shaili, Mohamamd Mahir, Shivani and many others were part of the march.

Abid Mohd Khan said that hate speeches need to be curbed. "They lead to law-and-order issues and this is resulting in violent incidents in the country. Such people have to be stopped at any cost, now", he added.