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Bhopal residents take stand against mob violence, write to Prime Minister against lynchings

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BHOPAL: Residents of Bhopal staged a demonstration against lynching incidents in the country.

Under the aegis of Insani Biradiri, the citizens staged a protest.

They formed a human chain and also wrote to Prime Minister, demanding action. 

"The incidents of mob violence affect everyone, Hindus and Muslims alike. We are here to protest and express our commitment towards communal harmony", said Ankit Anand. "Mob can't be given the right to kill in a democracy", he said.

Eminent citizens including writers, intellectuals and activist also spoke against lynchings. Rajesh Sharma, LS Herdenia, Dr Bharadwaj were among those who spoke on the need for communal harmony. 

"This lawlessness must stop. The mob killed Ayub Pandit in Kashmir and it killed Hafiz Juanid. The same mob killed Vikas and Gangesh. It is high time we stand for democratic values, peace and justice", said Abid Mohd Khan, who is associated with Insani Biradiri.

From morning till evening, people kept reaching Iqbal Maidan. They wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking him to take stern action against vigilante groups and people taking law in their hands.