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BJP leader wants Hindu calendar in govt, opposes New Year celebration

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BHOPAL: BJP MLA Mohan Yadav has opposed the practice of celebrating English New Year and has also demanded that the government working should also be as per the Hindu calendar.

The BJP leader has said that the government should stop using the Gregorian calendar. He also said that he would take the issue to the reform committee.

He said that the people of the country should pay attention towards Gudi Padwa, which is the New Year of country, rather than celebrating 'foreign' English New Year.

Yadav who represents Ujjain South constituency in the Assebly said, “New Year celebrations are a kind of mess and the youth of the country should stay away from them. The liquor parties and revelry on the occasion of New Year are not part of our culture and such parties should be stopped.”

Emphasising the need to adopt Hindu calendar and celebrate Gudi Padwa as New Year, Yadav further said that we did not celebrating English New Year when there was colonial rule in the country. Time is that we should return to our culture and should celebrate our own religion’s New Year on Gudi Padwa, he added.