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BJP's online opinion poll shows Scindia ahead of Shivraj Chouhan, poll removed

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BHOPAL: An opintion poll by the BJP showed that Jyotiraditya Scindia was ahead of Shivraj Singh Chouhan in the race for the next chief minister of Madhya Pradesh. 

The poll was started by BJP MP Mission 2018, a Facebook page of the party, recently. 

Thousands voted and as Scindia raced ahead, the poll was removed from the page, reports Agniban, a prominent Hindi evening newspaper.

But the screenshot of the poll and its image are being shared on social media, the paper further adds. Scindia crossed the half-way mark in popularity and had gone up to 51.1% when the poll was reportedly discontinued.

The poll was initiated on August 31. With barely three months to go for the Assembly elections, both the parties are now in poll-mode. Congress hasn't projected any CM candidate. Kamal Nath is the party president but Scindia is also seen as a contender.