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BREAKING: Policeman points gun at Kamal Nath in Chhindwara, gets suspended

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BHOPAL: In a big security lapse, a policeman pointed gun at senior Congress leader Kamal Nath on Friday.

The policeman who was in the security of the former Union minister, was immediately overpowered.

According to police, the veteran leader was on way to Delhi, and had reached the air strip, when the policeman suddenly took his gun and pointed it at Kamal Nath. 

There were around 30-odd policemen at the spot. Alarmed, they caught him and took him away. The accused—a police constable, held the gun at Kamal Nath. The policeman was identified as Ratnesh Pawar. He was later taken away. It is not clear why he held the gun at the MP.

Sources said that the policeman has been suspended with immediate effect. The incident is a major lapse in his security. Congress has alleged that the policeman attempted an attack on Nath. Police officials are investigating the incident.