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Celebratory firing claims girl's life in Gwalior, despite ban age-old tradition continues in Chambal

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BHOPAL: A child was killed during celebratory firing during a marriage in Gwalior.

The seven-year-old girl was hit by a bullet and succumbed to the injuries.

The incident occurred when the family of Satyendra Jaduan went to attend their relative's wedding ceremony.

During a ritual linked to the wedding, gunshots were fired--this being an age-old tradition in the region. One of the bullets hit the girl, Sejal.

The seven-year-old girl was critically injured and later succumbed to the injuries. After the incident, police rushed to the spot. A case of murder has been registered in this regard.

The police said that investigation has been initiated to trace the person who fired the bullet that hit the girl. Though there is a ban on it, yet, celebratory firing continues in Chambal region--Gwalior and around, in northern part of Madhya Pradesh.

People keep getting injured and there are regular deaths, however, administration has failed to stop it. Meanwhile, the local police is interrogating family members and relatives of those who were involved in firing, in order to catch the culprit.