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Congress holds massive demonstration in Bhopal against use of EVMs in elections

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BHOPAL: Congress organised a massive demonstration in Bhopal, demanding that the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) should no longer be used in the elections.

Senior Congress leader Arif Masood who had organised the protest, said that the EVMs could be tampered and hence the Election Commission needs to stop the use of these machines. 

Addressing the gathering at Budhwara in Bhopal, Masood said that after UP elections, most parties have suspected that the EVMs were tampered. He said that 1 lakh signatures would be handed to Election Commission in this regard.

Masood gave several examples during his speech to stress on the point that the machines were not tamper-proof and could favour candidates by hacking or by software experts. He said that it was high time that EVMs use was discontinued.

The issues surrounding technical aspects of EVMs including the voter verified paper audit trail (VVPAT) also came out during the protest. A memorandum was later handed over to the sub divisional magistrate in this regard.

District Congress president PC Sharma said that in order to make elections 100% transparent, the voting should be by ballot paper only. MPCC spokesman Durgesh Sharma said that there are protests in the entire country as even this is not sure whether the person one has voted for, gets the vote.