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Congress takes potshots at Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s ‘desperation’ after losing power

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Political Correspondent

BHOPAL: Buoyed at having proven its majority in the state Assembly via the voting for Speaker, the Congress is now targeting the opposition BJP, especially the former chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

The Congress has been repeatedly saying that the BJP and Chouhan are not able to digest the fact that they are out of power in Madhya Pradesh. They have especially pointed at the ‘desperate’ action of Chouhan of remaining in limelight and being relevant.

The latest attack on Chouhan came from state spokesperson of Congress Narendra Saluja, who tweeted pointing out the fact that Shivraj Singh Chouhan occupied the first seat in the Opposition benches in Assembly on Wednesday, traditionally reserved for the Leader of Opposition.

The BJP has elected ex-minister Gopal Bhargava as the LoP, but Chouhan was seen occupying the first seat in Assembly, an action that caused even Bhargava to frown, sources said. Saluja has asked in his tweet as to who is the actual leader of opposition?

Snubbed by his party?

Political watchers point out that Chouhan has also been repeatedly snubbed by the BJP since the party lost the election in MP. First, Shivraj’s proposed ‘Aabhar Yatra’ (gratitude rally) that he announced with fanfare before media, was not given a go ahead.

Also Shivraj’s almost daily interaction with media at party headquarters in Bhopal immediately after losing elections and his self-publicised interaction with electorate in his constituency was also not received with too much warmth.

Chouhan, who ruled the state for 13 years, was also not considered for the post of Leader of Opposition in the Assembly, nor has he been given any important task in the party as of now.