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Forget roads, Shivraj Chouhan's administration can't maintain historic park in Bhopal

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Bhopal: CM Shivraj Chouhan might have claimed that the roads in MP are better than in US, the situation of one of the most historic parks in Bhopal exposes how the administration remains apathetic towards infrastructure.

The Yadgar-e-Shahjehani Park, one of the oldest parks of the town, has been turned into a garbage dumping station. The garbage is burnt daily and its smoke affects patients in nearby hospital as well as residents in adjoining localities. 

Many women took to streets on Thursday to protest the dumping of garbage and the condition of park apart from failure of administration to take action despite voices raised from different quarters.

Newspapers have been highlighting the issue but there has been no action. Activists have also written to the divisional commissioner in this regard. They have drawn the attention of the officer about municipal corporation is callously misusing the park.

“This is a historic park of Bhopal. In one part, there is a night shelter while there is Deen Dayal Ram Roti Scheme centre in another portion. However, the BMC had started dumping garbage and as a result children are no longer able to play.

In fact, due to the dump, it is a situation similar to an unannounced ban on visitors to the park who came for morning walk”, writes Purnendu Shukla, Abdul Jabbar, Parvez Bari, Ashraf Ali Khan and Hamida Bi, in a representation.

They mentioned that the huge smoke and gases from the dumping yard are affecting patients at the hospital as well as people living in the Rain Basera night shelter. Those staying in the localities nearby are also seriously affected due to the situation.
The activists have said that the BMC is not listening despite the voice raised from different quarters. The Commissioner has been urged to make an inspection of the spot, take stock of the situation and take action in this regard.