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Godman who had minister rank says Shivraj government not on path of religion, resigns

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BHOPAL: Namdev Tyagi alias Computer Baba, a saint, who had been given the rank of minister of state in Madhya Pradesh, has resigned.

He said that the Shivraj Chouhan government is not ready to listen to saints and it is not following the path of religion. 

"I had no option, as the Sant Samaj wanted me to quit. So I am sending the letter of resignation, just now", he said. 

Addressing a press conference, the saint said that he thought that as part of government, he would be able to get things done. But he failed to do anything as government was not in a mood to see the saints or even listen to them. 

"We thought that Shivraj Chouhan government would do something for Math-Mandir, cow and Narmada. But it has not been sincere. It, in fact, doesn't pay attention to Sant Samaj at all. Now after resigning, I would work hard for the Sant Samaj--the Godmen, ascetics and priests", he added.

"In the interests of the Sant Samaj, I am resigning. I hope CM accepts it immediately. We want Maths-Mandirs to get free electricity, free water and also 'patta' (land). Outside the government, I would be able to devote myself in this work and would be able to do it freely", he added.