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'Honey trapped' army officer caught in Madhya Pradesh for sending secrets to Pakistan's ISI

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BHOPAL: In yet another incident of honey trap, an Army officer has been taken into custody in Madhya Pradesh.

The officer was posted in Jabalpur.

Sources said that the Lieutenant Colonel rank official who was posted at a workshop, was detained.

He was under surveillance due to suspicious acitivity. The counter intelligence wing of the Indian Army, caught him. 

According to sources, he had been sendingconfidential information aboutarmy to Pakistan. According to reports, the detained army man allegedly got into a honey trap by Pakistan’s spy agency ISI.

He had been sending secret info. The name of the officer has not been revealed, but the Army officials have said that he is being interrogated.The officer is being questioned after he was picked up from Jabalpur by a team from the headquarters

Of late, there have been several such incidents in the country where army officers have been caught for sending information to spying agency of Pakistan.