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Humanity shamed: Children of ostracised family forced to carry dead elder for cremation

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Special Correspondent

RAIPUR: In an incident that shames humanity, children of a socially boycotted family in Chhattisgarh were forced to carry the body of a dead elder for cremation as villagers refused to attend the last rites or funeral procession.

More shocking is the reason for ostracisation of the family – deciding to stand by a minor daughter who was raped.

The family from Gariaband was boycotted in 2015 after it decided to keep a minor daughter home after she was raped and gave birth to a child.

The shocking display of this boycott came recently when an elderly lady of the family passed away. Despite requests, villagers refused to come for the last rites and the family could not even get people to carry the body to cremation ground.

Two minors of the family including an adolescent girl then helped in carrying the body and the footage of this disturbing funeral procession has now become public.

The local sub-divisional magistrate BR Sahu has said that now that the incident has been brought to his notice, he would seek report on the matter.