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'I asked Allah to keep cows safe in my Eid prayer', says Urdu poet in Bhopal

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BHOPAL: Eminent Urdu poet Manzar Bhopali has said that he prayed to Allah for the safety of cows in the country.

The famed poet said that if cows remain safe, everything will be safe in the country. 

Manzar Bhopali has also mentioned this in his Facebook status.

"When a journalist asked me after Eid prayers, what did I ask the God for. I told him that I prayed that cows should remain safe in the country", he writes in the status.

"Main ne gaaye (cow) ki salamati aur tahaffuz ki dua maangi. Main jaanta hun ke is mulk mein agar gaye salaamat hai to mulk aur quom salaamat hai, insaan aur insaaniyat salaamat hai.. ". 

The poet intelligently pointed out how cow is a touchy subject, especially, in the wake of lynching incidents in which people were killed on mere suspicion in different parts of the country.

"I know if cow is safe, then the people are safe...humans and humanity is safe...the journalist praised it and said that what can be a better prayer than this", he further said.