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Lawmaker's call for Bhil Pradesh, says tribal culture under threat, seeks implementation of sixth schedule

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Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

BHOPAL: Leader of the tribal group Jay Adiwasi Yuva Shakti (JAYS) and newly elected legislator Dr Hira Alawa has raised the demand for Bhil Pradesh.

Dr Hira Alawa, who quit his job with the AIIMS, to fight for tribal rights a few years ago, and successfully contested election on Congress ticket, has said that the new state should be carved out of the tribal dominated districts in Western MP, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra.

He has said that despite constitutional provisions, tribals haven't got their due rights and their existence is under threat--they are marginalised, their land is being encroached upon and they are being pushed out of forests. 

"Their rights aren't being protected despite the constitutional safeguards", he said. The JAYS leader said that the 25-30 districts in this region have tribal populace and they need to be part of Bhil Pradesh. His video demanding the Bhil Pradesh, has also gone viral.

"In this state, there must be implementation of sixth schedule. The districts and tehsils should be self-governing system--not fifth schedule, but under Sixth Schedule so that the Tribal culture and tribal way of life must be protected", he further added.

"Swa-shasi zile aur swa-shasi tahsilein hona chahiye, sixth schedule ke tahat". "There are provisions in constitution (and promises) but on the ground the tribal's rights have been ignored", he said.

He further says that poverty, malnutrition and migration are the major issues in this region and hence it is important to carve out the Bhil Pradesh and also to ensure that this region has tribal self-governance under the Sixth Schedule.