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Madhya Pradesh cop who framed Burhanpur youths in sedition case, removed

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BHOPAL: The policeman who had booked 15 youths for sedition, has finally got the boot.

Sanjay Pathak, who headed Shahpur police station in Burhanpur, has been removed.

An inquiry was instituted after it was found that the youths were framed. 

The complainant--Subhash Koli had said that he was not witness to any celebration over Cricket match and was not even in Mohad. "I had gone to Shahpur with my father. When I went to police station for my personal issue, they snatched my phone and used it for complaint to Dial 100 helpline".

"They registered complaint on my behalf though I never made the complaint. If my cell phone's location is checked, it can be easily found that it was in Shahpur police station, not in Mohad. When I was not even present, how could I witness any celebration?".

Subhash Koli is a police informer. Generally, policemen use informers to settle scores too. As informers have to deal with police, its tough for them to take a stand even when they are used to make complaints or frame people. However, in this case, Koli remained firm and publicly said that he was used to file the case which was not true.

The youths had been booked for sedition. Later, the charges were withdrawn. They were still booked under section meant for causing disharmony. The youths have however got bail. Pathak has been sent to Mandsaur while departmental inquiry is on.