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Madhya Pradesh govt approves resolution for status of living entity to Narmada river

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BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh government has given the status of living entity to Narmada river.

A resolution to this effect was passed by the state assembly during its special one day session on Wednesday. Earlier the decision to pass pass the resolution was approved by the Shivraj Singh Chouhan cabinet on Wednesday. 

Narmada is the lifeline of the state and is considered a holy river in Madhya Pradesh.

The cabinet meeting headed by Chief Minister Shivraj Chouhan gave approval approval to the decision to pass the resolution giving a legal status of legal person/living entity to Narmada River in the next assembly session.

During the special session, the MP GST Bill 2017 was also passed by the assembly unanimously, paving way for GST roll out in state.

NARMADA: The MP assembly resolution gives River Narmada all legal rights as a person, living entity. This would ensure conservation of aquatic bio-diversity linked with the purity and incessant flow of Narmada river.

Also, it is for identifying its history and beliefs beside ensuring water supply for people’s welfare of the state and other states bordering Madhya Pradesh, says an official statement after the cabinet meeting. 

Earlier, a status of living person was conferred on Ganga (Ganges) and Yamuna rivers in Uttarakhand. The High Court had given them status of legal entities. The MP government obviously wanted to follow it.