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Madhya Pradesh: Police cane-charge farmers, strip and assault them in custody in Tikamgarh

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BHOPAL: The police lathi-charged agitating farmers in Tikamgarh and allegedly beat them in custody.

Worse, the policemen have been charged of stripping them in custody, before beating them with batons. 

This has become a big headache for Shivraj Singh Chouhan government, after the Mandsaur firing a few months ago. 

The incident occurred in Tikamgarh district on Tuesday evening. Farmers had hit the streets, with their demands. They wanted administration to declare the district 'drought-hit'.

But when the officials didn't come out to take memorandum, the farmers grew anxious. There was a clash between farmers and police. Subsequently, policemen began lathi-charge. 

Policemen  used teargas and water cannon too. Thousands of farmers were on streets. Later, the police arrested farmers and many of them were allegedly beaten up in custody, where they were stripped. 

Most political parties have taken the government to task over the 'excesses'. The BJP government has already been facing farmers' anger due to Mandsaur agitation. The poor rain this year has affected the farming sector even more.

Now opposition has said that there should be action against local officials including SP-Collector for the lathi-charge. Congress, CPM and AAP have condemnded the 'police brutality' on farmers.