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Man brutally beaten up for complaining about tea in train's pantry car, assailants arrested later

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BHOPAL: A man was brutally assaulted in the pantry car of a train after he complained about the quality of tea served in the train. 

The man was kept confined in the pantry car for half-an-hour and thrashed. He got seriously injured in the attack.

The railway police staff and TTE didn't take action and it was only after some fellow passengers tweeted to railway minister, that action was initiated.

This incident occurred in Chhattisgarh Express. Railway officials say that Nitesh Singh was travelling in the train. The tea was tasteless and he decided to complain about it.

When he went to the pantry car with his complaint, there was argument. Later, he was overpowered and thrashed after being gagged. For nearly 35 minutes he was kept confined in the particular compartment (Pantry).

After passengers complained to Railway minister through twitter, the action was initiated. When the train reached Gwalior station, railway officials and policemen entered the train. Nearly a dozen employees of the pantry car were arrested.

The manager of the pantry car, however, managed to give a slip. The police said that the victim has been administered medication and a case has been registered against the pantry car employees for the attack.