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Missing Bengal girl was not in US: Boyfriend had killed, buried her in Bhopal

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BHOPAL: A girl who was missing for months from West Bengal was actually murdered long back in Bhopal.

The boyfriend had murdered her and buried it in a metal box in his house.

He even built a high cemented platform to hide the box in which body was hidden.

The sensational murder was unravelled when police team from West Bengal arrested Udayan Das, 32, for murdering the girl Akanksha alias Shweta.

The 28-year-old girl belongs to West Bengal. She fell in love with the youth on internet and came to Bhopal. She told her parents that she had gone to America. But parents grew suspicious when they did not hear form her for months.

They approached police and local authorities in Bengal. The investigation led to Udayan Das' arrest. He had killed Akanksha and then hidden the body in the box. Later construction of a cement concrete platform was made over it.

After many hours, the structure was broken and the body was found. The girl's family has been informed. The local police officers are interrogating Udayan Das, whose mother is a retired police official. 

Later investigation revealed that Das lived a life of deceit. He had no relation with anyone and had shunned his family. Also, his parents were not found anywhere. The bodies of his parents were also found in his Raipur house. 

Also, he had forged documents and was drawing his mother's pension, claiming that she was alive. Similarly, he had duped bank officials and his own relatives too. Multiple police teams are now questioning Das in this regard.