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No Urdu teacher in Urdu school: All students fail in Xth exam in Govt High School in Khargone

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KHARGONE: All the students in Gogawan Urdu High school who had appeared in the examination, failed.

The school had 'zero' pass percentage unlike other schools in the tribal block here. The reason is that though it is an Urdu medium school, there is no Urdu teacher posted here.

In fact, there is just one in-charge principal a guest teacher. The latter is basically of arts faculty and has no experience to teach Urdu students. Last year, several students had passed the examination.

But this year none of those who appeared in the High school, could pass the exam. Locals say that the issue with Urdu medium schools is that they are neglected.

And when the Urdu knowing teachers get transferred, there is no surety that an Urdu teacher would be posted again. Hence, students suffer and this affects their result as well.

The Madhya Pradesh State Education department officials have said that they would seek report and look into the reasons for the poor performance of the students in the school.