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'One who doesn't attend RSS shakha is not a Hindu', says BJP legislator in Madhya Pradesh

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Neemuch/Bhopal: Controversial BJP legislator from Hyderabad, Raja Singh, has said that every Hindu must attend RSS shakhas.

He went on to add that one who doesn't go to the 'shakha' is not a Hindu.

Singh said this while addressing a 'Hindu Dharmasabha', a gathering in Neemuch on Sunday.

"Jo shakha mein nahi jaata, apne aapko hindu kahna bhool jaye, main nahi maanta voh desh ya dharm ke liye kuchh kar sakta hai" (one who doesn't go to shakha should stop calling himself Hindu. He can't do anything for religion or country).

He said, "Wherever there is a Sangh shakha near your, go and attend it". Singh who has recently been booked for a controversial speech in Hyderabad, said that Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is the factory that produced Modi and Yogi.

Earlier, he also spoke at length about religious conversion. He said that large-scale conversions are going in in tribal areas and asked Hindus to stop them. Singh is a legislator from Bhagyanagar in Hyderabad (Telangana).

Sakshi Maharaj, who has also been known for controversial comments, attended the event and gave a long speech on the occasion.