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Policemen hold children on gunpoint during riot mock drill in Madhya Pradesh, draw condemnation

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BHOPAL: In a shocking incident, policemen held children by gunpoint during a riot mock drill in Madhya Pradesh. 

The incident occurred in Mandsaur in Western part of the state. 

During the mock drill, policemen used kids in the exercise. 

But this has caused outrage in the state. Children's rights groups have condemned it. Officers for empowerment of women and child protection, Ravindra Mahajan and Raghvendra Sharma have lodged a complaint in this regard.

Initially, police officials said that it was serious and it would be probed. However, later the stand was changed and it was claimed the policemen were playing with kids after the mock drill. However, there has been condemnation of it.

The fact that even playing with firearms and pointing it at kids even in jest, is risky and absoltely wrong. The top police officers have been urged to take action and ensure that there is no such recurrence of the incident that occurred in Mandsaur.