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'Respect SC verdict but oppose Centre's stand, won't tolerate interference in personal law', says AIMPLB

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BHOPAL: The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) in its Bhopal conclave discussed the issue of instant Triple Talaq in the wake of recent Supreme court judgment.

The board said that it respects the SC verdict of setting it (talaq-e-bidat) aside but reiterates that in Islamic laws pertaining to marital
relations, the customs are as sacred as among other communities and every community has the right to exercise the rituals.

The Board maintains that the practice of instant triple talaq is sinful but is valid. The AIMPLB said that it has been trying to discourage the practice and had even announced that the men who gave instant Triple Talaq would be socially boycotted.

"The Attorney General's affidavit in the Supreme Court in the case of Triple Talaq shows the government's intent. It said that without civil court intervention there can't be a Talaq".

"The Board expresses its displeasure with the Centre's stand on record. We see it as an attack on Muslim Personal Law. This stand of the overmnent is contrary to the guarantees to minorities in Indian constitution."

"We see it as an attack on personal law and won't tolerate it", said the AIMPLB general secretary, in an official statement. The Board has formed a committee for reforms within Muslim society and this committee will also examine the SC judgment.

"The Sharia is based on Quran, Hadith, Ijma and Qiyas. We reiterate that the sanctity of belief and practices in personal or matrimonial relationship in Islamic laws can not be treated differently from the belief and practices in personal or matirmonial relationship by the other citizens of India who follow their own custom and practices and have this protection", read the official statement.

Will take steps to help divorced women

The AIMPLB has said that will initiate programmes to educate Muslim women and men about Sharia. It said that it shall always stand for protection of rights of Muslim women within Sharia. 

The Board also resolved to take appropriate steps to ensure help to divorced women. It said that it wll urge the government to grant financial assistance to waqf boards for this purpose. 

"The government ahd laid bare its intention in the form of AG's submissions in the SC that all forms of dissolution of marriage without intervention of court should be declared as unconstitutional. We record our displeasure and consider it as an attack on personal law of Muslims", the statement further said.