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Sexually harassed girl ends life to avoid embarrassment before panchayat

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BHOPAL: A teenaged girl who had been sexually harassed committed suicide by jumping in front of a train in Datia in Madhya Pradesh.

The 17-year-old girl had been harassed by two youths and a panchayat was called to hear the case.

It seems that the embarrassment that she was called before the community panchayat after facing harassment prompted her to commit suicide, say police officials.

The girl, Asha, was in the fields when the youths, Halke Singh Yadav and his counsin Sanju Yadav, made objectionable comments and sexually harassed her. She informed her mother about the incident.

When her father went to the house of one of the youths, the latter remained defiant and said that panchayat would be called. The next morning, she went to the railway track and threw herself ahead of the approaching train.

She died on the spot. The victim was a student of XIth standard. The police have registered a case in this regard. The stateements of the victim's kin have been recorded. The youths are absconding. Police teams are on the hunt for them.