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SHOCKING: BJP leader says SC verdict in Ayodhya case would be brought in favour of Hindus

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BHOPAL: A BJP leader in Madhya Pradesh has said that the Supreme Court verdict in Ayodhya case would be in favour of  Hindus and if it doesn't favour them, then 'it would be brought in favour'.

Tapan Bhowmick has cabinet minister rank in Madhya Pradesh. He was speaking at a college in Ratlam. 

“Ye faisla Hinduon ke paksh mein hoga…nahin hoga to karwaaya jayega…”, he said. “The verdict on Ram temple would be in favour of Hindus and if this does not happen, then it has to be brought in favour of Hindus".

Bhowmick did not stop here but went on further by saying, “In India who would hold possession of Hindus temple would be decided by the court, not by Hindus. What sort of things is that?”

Judgment has taken very long period as it has taken 25 years, decision comes in favour or not, it is different thing. We have governments in the state and the centre, parliament of the country is competent enough to make law for the construction of the temple. 

“If a temple is to be constructed in Pakistan then perhaps permission from the government would be needed. There was a temple where Ram took birth, that temple was demolished and Mosque was constructed over it. That was removed. Now, permission for construction of temple is needed and it’s over 25 years since t hen.”

He said that by next Diwali foundation for the construction of Ram temple would be laid. "Earlier, the decision was expected in 2010, we should not speak against the judges but it is our compulsion because we are Hindu, if we won’t speak then who will speak?".