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SHOCKING: Class VII student playing Blue Whale game attempts suicide in Indore school

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INDORE: In a shocking incident, a Class VII student attempted suicide by jumping off the school building.

The boy was playing Blue Whale game and has reached 50th level.

On this level, he had to take the daring step of jumping off the top of the building. 

The boy was acting strangely and school students saw him going to the terrace on third floor of the school. With the help of teacher and staff, he was caught and saved.

This incident occurred in Chameli Devi school. Blue Whale is a game that has taken over 100 lives across the world. The participants get challenge and it gets fiercer as the player moves to next level, ultimately the administrator asking the person to commit suicide. 

The controversial game recently entered India. A boy committed suicide in Mumbai recently. Now, the schoolboy in Indore attempted suicide but was saved due to intervention of teachers and classmates.