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'Snap ties with countries that trade in beef or consume it, don't respect our culture and cow', says MP in Rajya Sabha

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DELHI: "Cow must not be called animal, as it hurts setiments."

"We don't need to have relations with countries that trade in beef and eat cow, after all, they should respect our culture too. Besides, heads of countries like US prez and Israel PM who consume beef shouldn't be hugged". 

These were among the suggestions raised during a Rajya Sabha discussion on cow protection. It was a bill moved by Subramanian Swamy in the upper house. Samajwadi Party MP Javed Ali Khan, who supported the bill, made these suggestions.

BJP MP Shankarbhai Vegad said that cow urine provides nutrition and is a panacea for all ills. He gave his own example that how drinking cow urine on a regular basis has kept him healthy and he has had no ailment even though he is 76 now.

For almost two hours, the MPs participated in the debate. Javed Ali Khan also said that the cow should not be termed animal. He said that countries that trade in beef should not be considered as friendly nations but as enemies. 

"Cow should be declared national animal. Give it status of national animal. It should be termed 'praani', not 'pashu'. In fact, it could be termed 'rashtriya praani', he further said. "If someone gives it to meat seller, then also find who sold it, and seller must be prosecuted too".


"If you love our culture, love us. Countries that are involved in beef trade, let's review our relations with these countries". "If you eat cow, you are our enemy, either Muslim countries or others, severe diplomatic relations with them."

"We must have such political will."You have certain BJP chief ministers who support beef consumption and even import it from other states. At least, remove them from their posts", he said.

Swamy later withdrew the bill, saying that it was the last chance he was giving to the government. Earlier, Union Agriculture minister promised that the government was committed towards protection of cows.