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Tears, encounter fears, blaming IB: VHP leader Pravin Togadia's last-ditch antics for political survival

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Ahmedabad: Firebrand Hindutva leader Pravin Togadia created a spectacle in Gujarat.

First, he went missing and later he was found unconscious, hospitalised. Then came the tears and fears.

Blaming IB and expressing fears for his 'encounter', it was complete melodrama from the VHP leader who on this occasion did his best, trying to evoke sympathy for himself in all ways. 

Apparently, Rajasthan police team had reached Gujarat to arrest Togadia, as he was not appearing in court in connection with an old case of breach of peace that was registered against him. 

Togadia got tipped and thus vanished. Later, he surfaced, lying on hospital bed. In a press conference later, there were tears from him--about plot to target him and encounter fears. So what is the reason behind Togadia's antics.

The cancer surgeon turned Hindutva leader is clearly desperate for survival as Hindutva leader in the Modi age. Targeting IB, he was clear about sending the message that who was after him and who 'wants to silence him'.

While he said that police were under political pressure and were planning to kill him, Togadia didn't specify that why would BJP governments and police that function under them, would make such a plan? The attack was clearly at the very top.

Modi-Togadia were once close friends and after the former became Chief Minister, they fell apart. Togadia was no longer getting due attention and his clout diminished. Within the Sangh Parivar too, Togadia's hold on the VHP was cause for concern.

Even though the tenure was ending, he had no intention of leaving his post. Also, he wanted his own men at the top posts in the VHP. This friction was also a reason apart from grievance about his being sidelined during the Modi era. 

Someone with a Z plus security, who goes missing and then media is told that he is recovering in hospital but not able to talk. Then, addresses press conference, also talks about his being crusader for Hindutva.

The VHP leader also said that there are attempts to suppress Hindu voice (in  BJP regime?) and old cases are being dug, aiming to harass him. Togadia is clear, he may go down but not without making his last-ditch attempt to stay relevent.