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Two more farmers commit suicide in Madhya Pradesh due to debt, crop failure

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BHOPAL: Farmers continue to end their lives in the state.

Two more farmers have committed suicide in Madhya Pradesh.

The incidents have occurred in Damoh and Guna districts.

While Rama Patel, a farmer, ended his life in Kakra Bhojpur village in Damoh, another farmer ended life in Guna. Patel consumed insecticide.  He was rushed to the hospital, where he died.

In a suicide note that was recovered, two money-lenders' names have been found. Both had allegedly assaulted him while demanding the loan amount from him. Apparently, this prompted him to end his life. The police have registered a case in this regard and have begun investigation.

The other incident occurred in Guna district. The farmer--Sumer Dhakad, committed suicide. It is learnt that he was depressed because he didn't get the due amount after selling the sugarcrane crop. In this case too, the police have registered a case.

Spate of farmers’ suicides have been witnessed in Madhya Pradesh in the last few months. The suicides are mostly due to the poor crop, lack of compensation, excessive power bills and factors like money-lenders’, power company officials’ harassment among others.

The farmers’ anger has led to protests in the state. The agitation in Mandsaur was the tipping point. There was firing which led to deaths. Since then, there have been over 125 farmers’ suicides in Madhya Pradesh.