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Upset over Shivraj Chouhan's 'anti-national' comment, Digvijaya Singh dares government to arrest him

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BHOPAL: Digvijaya Singh has reacted sharply to Shivraj Chouhan's recent statement, terming him (Diggy) an 'anti-national'.

He has said that Chouhan should show evidence, else he must apologise to him.

It was during his 'Janadesh Yatra' that Chouhan had attacked Diggy.

Chouhan had also said that Diggy seems to have no respect for the culture of the country and instead appears to be on the side of terrorists. "He will visit the home of a terrorist who is killed and address them with honorifics", Chouhan had said.

Madhya Pradesh: Shivraj Chouhan attacks Digvijaya Singh, terms him 'anti-national'

However, Digvijaya hasn't taken kindly to the statement. He has asked Chouhan to apologize. The Congress leader is also likely to court arrest and dare the government to act against him.

Singh has also trained guns at BJP over its connection with Dhruv Saxena and the gang members for ISI links who were arrested in the past. Now, these posters have also appeared in Bhopal, daring the establishment to arrest him.