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Uttar Pradesh: Bajrang Dal women perform 'puja' on Taj Mahal premises

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AGRA: In the latest development, Bajrang Dal members barged into Taj Mahal and performed 'puja'.

The women members of the Dal, went inside and also claimed to have conducted 'aarti'.

The women were carrying 'ganga jal' (holy water from Ganges) and sprayed it before performing the rituals. 

Police sources said taht four women who claimed to be linked to Bajang Dal, entered Taj Mahal premises with bottles filled with 'ganga jal'. It was used to clean the spot where they performed the rituals.

Bajrang Dal's Meena Diwakar said that they considered the monument a temple and hence they came to offer prayers as per Hindu rites. The monument has been on the target of right-wing Hindu groups for quite sometime.

Ever since the BJP government has come to power, the hardliners have been frequently raking up controversies surrouding the Taj. Of late, Muslims have been upset as there have been more restrictions on Namaz in the mosque on Taj Mahal premises.