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Water scarcity starts pinching in Bundelkhand; angry residents hurl shoe at officer

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Special Correspondent

Even as the winter season is not yet over, water scarcity has started assuming serious dimensions in Bundelkhand region and causing residents to lose their cool despite cold conditions.

In Chhatarpur district’s Naugaon town, agitating people hurled shoe at chief municipal officer (CMO) during a demonstration against water shortage on Saturday, hitting a woman tehsildar instead.

The irate people also smashed the panes of a vehicle. Later the police was called to control the situation.

In Naugaon town, residents of wards 16, 17 and 18 are facing severe water crisis. On Saturday afternoon, the local residents reached the municipality office and asked CMO Pawan Kumar Sharma to resolve the issue. They asked the officer to ensure regular supply of water in their area. Not satisfied with the response of the CMO, the people started shouting slogans.

Local ward corporator and others entered into an argument with the CMO. The demonstrators then reached tehsil office. Tehsildar Zia Fatima listened to their problem and called CMO to discuss the issue.

People became agitated when they saw the CMO. Someone from the mob hurled a shoe at the CMO which hit the woman tehsidar. As the CMO escaped, someone hurled another shoe at him. However the CMO escaped again. Seeing the mood of the people, tehsildar did not take any action against the protesters.