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'We have to ask police to let off criminal after he commits offence', says MP BJP chief

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BHOPAL: In a shocking statement, senior BJP leader and state party chief Nandkumar Singh Chauhan said that phone calls have to be made to the police, asking to let off a criminal after an offence.

"We are forced to call the police station to let the criminal go", he said in a public event in Nepanagar in Burhanpur. Chauhan said that as public representatives they had to make the calls.

Nandkumar Singh Chauhan was speaking at the event to inaugurate a police station building. While talking about the pressures policemen work under, Chauhan made the statement. He said that members of the society and the public representatives put up pressure on police. 

The slip of tongue is not the first. Chauhan has landed in controversies time and again because of controversial statements. However, after the statement, Home Minister Bhupendra Singh said that leaders should not speak for those accused of crimes.