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'Caste overrides nationalism, groups can form Sena, damage national property, still get away'

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BHOPAL: Caste identity is too strong and so deeply rooted in India that it overrides even nationalism.

It is such a binding force that it can make you put up strange demands and if they are not met with, the groups will unleash violence and not abide by the law.

Renowned activist Bhanwar Meghwanshi, who has been fighting casteism and violence against Dalits apart from other oppressed sections, said this during his visit to Bhopal.

 “The uniting force of caste is beyond everything in India. In fact, it overrides nationalism. Every caste is a nation in itself. Caste groups form their own ‘Sena’ and put up demands. If these demands are not met, they will not abide by law, not even the Supreme court”.

These Senas have no qualms in damaging national property, arson and threats. 

“The real identity is that of caste. Dr BR Ambedkar said that caste is sub-nation. In fact, it is the nation”.

“A tiny nation like Bhutan in our neighbourhood, managed to get rid of caste completely within a span of seventy years.

This happened in our region, now there is just one identity—their religion (Buddhism)”, he added.

"Unfortunately, in our country it is so strong but people even refuse to accept it".

The complete interview with the activist-journalist and his views about the media, the lack of newsroom diversity and other factors, can be read in the first part, which is available at this link:

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