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'Godman' Bhaiyyu Ji Maharaj shocks devotees, marries medical practitioner from Indore

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BHOPAL/INDORE: Godman Bhaiyyu Jai Maharaj has married once again.

The high-profile 'saint' has married an Indore-based medical practitioner.

The bride who belongs to a Brahmin family had been close to him for long and he had accepted the relationship too.

This was after the death of his wife, Madhavi, a year ago. Bhaiyyu Ji Maharaj had earlier announced that he was quitting public life and had distanced himself from politicians, his high-profile disciples and even the Ashrams.

Still, many of his disciples are upset with his decision to marry. There is a feeling of shock among them, though the marriage has already been solemnised. It was organised at a club in Indore and was a private function.

A reception would be held on April 30 for a select gathering. Bhayyu Ji Maharaj, whose rela name is Uday Singh Deshmukh, was born in a farmer family in Shujalpur town of Madhya Pradesh.The main Ashram of the saint is located at Bapat Chauraha in Indore.

The Sadguru Dutt trust is run by him. Former President Pratibha Patil, PM Narendra Modi and top politicians, celebrities have visited him and paid respects to him in the past.

Bhaiyyu Ji Maharaj has a huge following. Termed as 'Rashtra Sant', he was among the major spiritual gurus. Bhayyu Ji Maharaj's first wife Madhavi hailed from Aurangabad. Their daughter lives and studies in Pune. [Photo courtesy]