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Angry mob burnt vehicle and then threw driver into it, resulting in his death. There has been rise in incidents of mob violence and vigilantism. »
More than 3000 volunteers across nation and from others parts of the world successfully ran online classes constantly for two years »
Meet of radio partners organized; 6.70 crores of COVID-19 vaccine doses administered in MP »
A new podcast channel was started to share audio stories from Shivpuri and Sheopur districts in Madhya Pradesh »
Advocate SM Salman questions role of Minorities Welfare department, says that apart from plaint to Lokayukta, he will also approach HC. »
The victims, Zahid Husain, 28, Saiful Islam, 18 and Bilal, were brutally beaten. They later succumbed to the injuries. »
It has written to PM, seeking case against Ramdev for allegedly spreading misinformation regarding vaccination and government protocol. »
Chouhan said that the virus reached villages and hence panchayat representatives need to act as commanders and win the battle. »
Kin say he was framed. Fact-finding team says torture led to Suhail's death, says family must be given compensation, security. »
Shahar Qazi, MP Urdu Academy and prominent citizens, delegations requested school to continue Urdu as third language option after VIIIth. »
On the occasion of International Women's Day, the women rulers of the princely state were remembered at the event. »
The ill-fated bus had 61 passengers and just seven persons were saved. The remaining died in the accident. »
The veteran Marathi poet refused to accept the prestigious literary award due to Saraswati puja and portrait on the stage. »
He had love affair with two girls at a time. The girls were aware and decided that he should marry both. »
The accused, Parshuram, had given money to the duo, Ankul and Virendra for a ritual. The duo killed the minor girl. »
A Muslim youth has married a Hindu girl, adopting her religion and even changing his name from Akram to Arvind. »
The accused, Parshuram, had given money to the duo, Ankul and Virendra for a ritual. The duo killed the minor girl. »
The youth who had 'bought' the girl, allegedly raped her and the youth's father also exploited her. »
The Bombay High Court said that there was no evidence of any activity to suggest that they spread Coronavirus. »
Around 100 participants including women journos and students of journalism attended the meet. »
Use of household stove using fire wood, which is a big cause of respiratory problems, is a major challenge »
After the 'panchayat' decided that the girls could marry him, the marriage was solemnised. Earlier too there have been such marriages. »
Nine faith leaders came together for the webinar organized by Sphere India, with UNICEF, WHO, Spandan, NGO of Bhopal, USAID and World Vision India. »
Despite enforcing one of the toughest lockdowns in the world, the cases have gone up at a staggering rate in India. »
The series of tweets had caused outrage and acting on the complaint, the doctor was booked for fanning hatred. »
The police took action and booked the accused who had harassed the vendor. Also, the person involved in mischief was arrested. »
The delivery man who was shocked and hurt with the religious discrimination, had filed FIR, resulting in action. »
Top journo bodies, office-bearers say papers safe, demand withdrawal of order to stop door to door delivery of newspapers and magazines. »
The plaint cites old videos with wrong captions and false reports Tablighi Jamat members aired in media, rather than focus on real issues and tackling Coronavirus. »
Engagement of faith leaders in Coronavirus response is critical in conveying correct preventive messages, UNICEF, MP chief Michael Juma has said. »
Result-based management training of trainers for UNICEF supported child rights programme conducted at Bhopal School of Social Sciences »
Apart from Tribals, members of Dalit and backward communities, women and rural youth were part of this protest against NRC, NPR and CAA. »
Out of total children kidnapped or abducted in MP 72.53% were girls. 94% girls were in the age group 12-18 years. »
Citizens in Bhopal took the lead and staged strong protests against the bill that has now been passed in the Rajya Sabha as well. »
It is a social evil to expect and put pressure on woman to give birth to a son & she was also taunted earlier for giving birth to daughters. »
As malnutrition affects kids and the society, it is a critical issue and there is dire need for media to focus on it. »
The 'baraat' was welcomed at Ram Krishna Patel's house and also left from this house for the ceremony. »
Suresh was upset that despite court order, officials were not correcting the errors in his land document. »
The incident had occurred several days ago but it didn't stir the 'national media'. »
Singh was wearing a pugree (not the police cap) and was dressed in white (instead of khaki). Participants carried swords. »
Patients' kin can get lunch boxes too, auto-rickshaws deliver food to hospitals, over 1.4 million or 14 lakh availed facility »
The aim was to help the poor and the homeless apart from those who are sick or arrive from other towns. »
As part of the association, the BSSS and the UNICEF, MP Office, will start a certificate programme on child rights. »
The devotees who take part in this long Yatra need medication. The Khudai Khidmatgar volunteers tend to them. »
Mob violence is getting out of control and top leaders' silence emboldens the perpetrators, hence, PM must speak up, the letter says. »
Naresh Patel worked as a journalist with a Hindi newspaper in Sagar till about six months ago, but lost job due to some reason. »
After Godse killed Gandhi and the security personnel of former PM Indira Gandhi killed her, this was the biggest terror attack in India. »
"Proactive involvement of institutions of higher learning and media is critical in addressing all forms of violations of child rights." »
'Child marriage is an issue which needs higher level advocacy and engagement of political leaders and policy makers' »
Even the basic FIR was registered after 15 days, that too following SP's orders. Cops caught suspect but no recovery was made. »