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Retired civil surgeon runs pillar to post as MP cops caught suspect but fail to recover stolen jewellery

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BHOPAL: An elderly man has been running from pillar to post, hoping that police would recover the jewellery that was stolen from his house.

Surprisingly, even after the domestic servant was caught for the crime and arrested, the police failed to find the gold ornaments worth tens of lakhs that were stolen.

This incident occurred in Bhind district in the State. The complaint, Dr Shankarlal Sharma, 77, retired from the post of civil surgeon in Bhind district. At every level, he had to face the problem--it took weeks before his FIR was registered and later he had to approach senior district police officials to get the case investigated.

Finally, when the suspect was arrested he hoped that the booty would be recovered. But, it turned out that the police didn't recover the jewellery. He kept knocking the doors of police officials but to no avail.

The theft had taken place when the complainant's wife Dr Shashikala Sharma had gone to Gwalior. When she came back, she discovered the theft. It was only after 15 days and intervention of SP that the local police station registered the FIR.

The complainant himself obtained information about the jeweller whom the ornaments were sold (by suspect). This information was given to police. Still, this didn't have any desired result. Worse, a complaint on CM helpline brought no relief.

Without taking any action, the plaint was 'disposed', he says. Now he has written to the state police chief. In his complaint to DGP, Dr Sharma has mentioned the entire turn of events including the efforts he had to make in order to get his FIR registered.

He tells how when the suspect was arrested, certain goods that were stolen from my house were recovered from the suspect, Bhure's ancestral place."During interrogation, he accepted in police custody that he was involved in the theft and told about the entire turn of events".

"However, police later let him off, claiming that there was no evidence. A few months later, the case has almost been hushed up & even the suspect is out on bail". "Even after accepting in front of police and witnesses that he had stolen the valuables, the police could not recover them. As a result, I suspect foul play", says Dr Sharma who has requested the DGP to take action in this regard.