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Right-wing group stops marriage in Church, forces couple to postpone event

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BHOPAL: Members of a right-wing group barged into a Church and stopped a marriage in Shivpuri district in Madhya Pradesh.

As the ceremony was disrupted, the police also reached the Church. But the marriage could not be solemnised due to the hooliganism.

The couple later agreed to postpone the marriage. Now, the wedding would be as per Arya Samaj rituals and would be solemnised in Indore. This incident occurred in a church in Shivpuri.

Avnish who belongs to Ujjain was marrying the girl who hails from Shivpuri. As Avnish's family was not happy with the wedding, he decided to come to Shivpuri for marriage at the girl's place.

The girl, Anukampa, is Christian. As a right-wing group, Hindu Vahini, got wind of the inter-religious marriage, they entered the Church and forced the couple to postpone the event. The bgirl who was wearing the bridal gown, pleaded but it was of no use. 

The Kotwali police had reached the spot but took no action. The groom repeatedly said that it was not a case of conversion but the Hindu Vahini members remained adamant that the marriage would not be allowed to take place.

The groom had to explain why his family members were not present. The couple later agreed to the Hindu Vahini demand, postponing the ceremony and affirming that they would marry as per Arya Samaj rituals. 

Anukampa and Avnish have studied in the college and have been friends for long. Avnish works with the ONGC. The marriage was scheduled to take place at the Porhi Road Church in Shivpuri.

But after the unsavoury incident, Anukampa told Hindu Vahini members that she would now marry as per Arya Samaj rituals. Town Inspector Sanjay Mishra told media persons that the marriage was postponed.