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UNICEF MP chief lauds Madhya Pradesh vaccination drive of 130 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine with first dose coverage of 97% and second dose coverage of 94% »
This claim in no way intends to belittle mothers’ importance in bringing up a child or disregard the sacrifices they make in their journey of motherhood. »
Youngsters vow to create awareness, break stigma on menstruation at UNICEF activation meet ahead of Menstrual Hygiene Day »
UNICEF, Child Rights Observatory hold a programme with around 100 students from four schools in attendance »
Sixty participants representing 25 districts took part in the meet of young people organised by Child Rights Observatory. »
Event organized by UNICEF and NGO Youth4Children to mark Global Hand Washing Day that falls on October 15 »
UNICEF, DAVV School of Journalism hold online meet to mark International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies »
Importance of communication to spread awareness on issues that impact children stressed »
UNICEF and Jagran Lake City University to work together to engage private sector on the issue of nutrition »
Aalam and the team took lead, from providing Oxygen to food kits, and is also distributing sanitary pads, masks and sanitizers. »
Online session was organized by PIB and UNICEF, MP with support of state health department in which about 80 farmers participated »
The director of AIIMS Bhopal Dr Sarman Singh, VC Prof KG Suresh and UNICEF MP chief Margaret Gwada addressed the programme. »
'Aaine Hairaan Hain', is a powerful poetic outburst. The verses stay with the reader, even after he finishes the book. »
Dr M Shahid Siddiqui's book 'Ghaddaron Ki Karastaniyan' covers the role of traitors who aided imperialists and caused setback to freedom movement »
The online training was jointly organised by DataLEADS and the UNICEF office of Madhya Pradesh. »
Themes of World Children's day and child rights are around climate change and impact of COVID19 on children this year »
VC of Makhanlal University stressed on the importance of accuracy and objectivity when reporting on health »
Shocking role of certain newspapers that published reports that stigmatize areas but hiding everything in own backyard. »
It was felt that more focus on reports from rural parts of the country were needed in a bid to fight stigma. »
Corona victim and the family members face tremendous difficulties, prejudices. Also, the stigma leads to panic and shock. »
Rafi Shabbir's book focuses on the woman whose performance heralded a new era in Qawwali and performing arts. »
The campaign ‘1000 for 1 roof’ seeks public support of Rs 1000 per house to repair 2000 kutcha houses of tribal families »
Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan has also appreciated the children of Jhabua for their creativity »
H Iqbal's works, especially, his novels in detective genre, were equally popular in both India and Pakistan. »
Sail always fought for the marginalised, gave voice to the voiceless and battled repression all his life. »
Religious clerics representing Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians hoisted the tricolour & all cultural events focused on communal harmony. »
Deccan bid adieu to the eminent litterateur who had been penning poetry for over half-a-century. »
Role of corporate sector in advancing child rights is critical, says UNICEF MP chief Juma who addressed the meet. »
Young people from six villages discuss child marriage, impact of malaria using songs, skits and discussion »
Nehru's visits to Bhopal when it was a princely state in 1929 and all his later visits have been chronicled by SM Husain. »
Bedi's novels that targeted youngsters, particularly, teenaged readers, had a huge following in the 1970s-80s. »
Participants in Youth4Children camp discuss ways to spread information and create awareness on children's issues using social media. »
The stories would be featured on Radio under theme ‘Girl Force: Unscriptable and Unstoppable’of UNICEF, MP »
It is an effort by adolescents and young girls to talk about an issue, normally not talked about openly in rural parts of MP »
The society members took steps to ensure better interaction among families and to sensitize kids--a lesson for all. »
Muslim scholars, clerics with flowing beards who were seldom seen in any other dress, were attending the training camp. »
Jammu and Kashmir's state flag has been brought down and only the tricolour flies high now at the secretariat. »
These girls take the risky ride twice everyday, all for the sake of education, which they hope would change their lives for the better. »
The two-year-old boy, kidnapped from district hospital had been rescued by Kotwali police in Agar Malwa within 24 hours of the incident. »
When the boy's mother asked her to cover head, the girl refused. The row took both sides to police station and cancellation of marriage. »
'Dash Avtar' is better than Darwin's theory and stem cell research took place in India many millennia ago, claimed speakers. »
After historians came out to protest against the blatant disregard shown towards historical facts, action was taken. »
Concerned that employees spent entire day in office and don't come in contact with sun, the officer has issued the order. »
Director General of Police (DGP) OP Singh has said that they would explore possibility of opening creche at police lines. »
Donna is the first woman in the world in the last 55 years to get the award. Marie Curie got it in 1903. »
Gwalior was a strong base for right-wing hardliners in the era and the city has the ignominious link to the murder. »
Tucy later informed that he has also vowed to give a brick of gold for the proposed Ram temple. He said that he apologised for the past acts. »
The book is a treat for anyone who loves the city, Lucknow, and has interest in its history and culture. »
The child leaves parents and severs family ties to go for a tough life amid monks. Hindi papers term it 'historic' event. »
It seems strange but a man named 'Chhabbis January' faces innumerable problems due to his unique name. »