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'95% professors from general category in Central varsities, SC-ST, OBC under-represented in govt jobs'

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NEW DELHI: The candidates from scheduled castes (SC), scheduled tribes (SC) and other backward castes (OBC) are still heavily under-represented in government jobs despite reservation.

At the high ranks, the situation is even more acute. In fact, the situation is such that 95.2% professors, 92.9% associate and 66.27% assistant professors are from general category in central government's universities.

Of the 1,125 professors, there are just 39 from SC and 8 from ST i.e. 3.47% and 0.7% respectively Among 2,620 associate professors, only 130 or 4.96% are SC and 34 or (1.3%) from ST. Of 7,741 assistant professors, 931 or 12% are from SC, 423 or 5.46% from ST and 1,113 or 14.38% from OBC. 

Indian Express has published the report on the representation of SC, ST and OBC, citing information obtained through Right to Information (RTI). In the exhaustive report, Journalist Shyamlal Yadav reveals that the number of professors and associate professors appointed central universities under OBC reservation is zero. 

Among non-teaching staff, just 8.96% are SC, 4.25% ST and 10.17% are OBC. As many as 76% belong to general category in this segment. Of the 665 officers of Group A and Group B in HRD ministry and its attached and subordinated staff, 440 or 66% are from general category, 126 or 19% from SC, 43 or 6.47% from ST and only 56 or 8.42% from OBCs.

The cabinet secretariat has 162 posts and it has just 15 SCs and 2 STs, while 130 officials belong to the Unreserved or General category. This puts the figure of general category officers in the cabinet secretariat at a whopping 80%. However, in comparison the situation is better in banks that have given better representation and implemented quotas, more in South though.

The represenation of OBCs is worst in Railways, India's biggest employer. It shows they are just 8% among officers of Group A and Group B. SC, ST and OBCs are under-represented in higher echelons of government. data obtained under RTI from Department of Pesonnel and Training, UGC and HRD.

This table shows government departments and representation of SCs, STs & OBCs

                                       Total posts                       SC             ST                  OBC                     General

Railways                        16,381                            15.57%      7.56%              8%                         68.82%
71 departments            3.43 lakh                       15.27%      6.83%           14.94%                    62.95%
HRD Ministry                  665                                18.94%      6.47%             8.42%                    66.17%
Niti Aayog                       344                                13.66%      4.94%             7.56%                    73.84%
CAG                                31,115                            17.26%      7.75%             8.24%                    66.79%

Recently, government has enacted a constitutional amendment earmarking 10% quota for poor among unreserved category. There is 15% for SCs, 7.5% for STs and 27% for OBCs. However, in the higher echelons, there seems to be little change and the higher castes or Upper Castes continue to dominate.