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The family is so poor that they had to discontinue education of the two girls and have to take their help in farming as they cannot afford to buy bullocks »
Anand Singh Kushwaha who runs a tea-shop in Gwalior, is contesting the Presidential poll, hoping that he would be elected. »
Digvijaya said that even some of his own party leaders asked him why he attacks Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). »
While CM Shivraj Chouhan ends his 'indefinite fast' in 28 hrs, Opposition flays him for extravagance and insensitivity towards farmers. »
The protesters have demanded that policemen who fired should be booked for murder. »
The social audit report of Vichar Manch MP looked at ground realities following the much-touted conservation initiative for River Narmada »
Majority of people were not swayed by the inflammatory messages and rumours spread on Tuesday evening and stayed calm and in control »
Chouhan also announced ban on use of digging machines of any kind for sand extraction on all the rivers of Madhya Pradesh. »
The victim, identified as Appu Malviya, is a said to be a minor, though his age could not be confirmed »
Scores of underage brides and grooms get married off before developing the courage of even finding out their life partners’ names every year in MP »
Another sibling of the cubs is in serious condition. All three, found orphaned near Sanjay Tiger Reserve were infected with Parvovirus »
Raja Singh, the Goshamahal MLA from Hyderabad used filthy abuses to target a particular community during a religious function »
In the complaint, Hanuman, son of Anjani, has demanded compensation of Rs 1 crore too for the damages due to the blasts. »
The state government has executed 9.6% hike in power tariff with increase of 8% in the domestic power tariff »
The incident occurred after IAS officer Santosh Mishra's spat with his senior Radheshyam Julania, a controversial officer »
Over 1 lakh signatures against use of EVMs in elections would be handed over to the Election Commission soon. »
Over 15 lakh people have participated in the Yatra that aims at conserving the river. »
The ceremony transcended barriers of religion, caste and social status. »