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Married women lay down on the ground and let priests walk on them due to belief that the ritual will help them bear child. »
Computer Baba had opposed Shivraj Chouhan and had supported Congress in the last Assembly elections. »
Under huge debt, Davinder Garg was also getting threats from those whom he owed money. »
After the gang rape with a Dalit woman, the local police didn't register a case and she committed suicide. »
Devji had aphotograph on his Facebook profile, suggesting his opposition to NRC, CAA. He had received threat for his posts. »
Sagheer Ahmad was in MP for several months, had faced trial but just when he was free to go home, he suffered heart attack. »
The women survivors of the Bhopal gas tragedy, are not getting the Rs 1,000 monthly pension for eight months. »
'Large chunk of waqf land was sold by those who were in cahoots and yet they managed to evade tough action' »
The private hospitals' insistence on deposit while admitting a Covid 19 patient, is causing problems for citizens. »
Rahat Indori also wrote lyrics for Bollywood movies and attended thousands of mushairas all over the world. »
Each copy of the Srinagar-based daily Roshni arrived with a mask, asking readers to use it and take precautions during the pandemic. »
Bundele was brutally assaulted and later cops asked him to withdraw plaint, citing that he was hit as they felt he was Muslim. »
The policemen had later told lawyer that he was beaten because he appeared to be a Muslim and had spoken about role of police during riots too. »
Many people started community kitchens and this helped tackle the situation in a big way, she says. »
The paintings including the one that showed plight of labourers and migrants, that was shared in a big way on social media. »
The girls felt that this was something they could do on their own, getting the fabric, creating the masks and distributing for free. »
Three top health officials of the State including two IAS officers have tested positive for Coronavirus in Madhya Pradesh. »
The lawyer was shattered by the assault, especially, when he needed urgent medication and was going to hospital alone during lockdown. »
From slapping sedition charges over a school play to the arrests & grilling of kids, the case shows how law can be misused on the ground. »
The indefinite 'satyagraha' against Citizenship Act, NRC and NPR is now entering third week in Iqbal Maidan in Bhopal. »
Avoid defying Section 144; young people say they are against violence of any kind and want to demonstrate within legal limits »
The Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission has taken note of grave negligence & served notice to the officials. »
Rajyashree Chaudhri, the grandniece of Netaji SC Bose, performed the aarti. She warned of major protest at Parliament. »
When the minister arrived, she touched her feet in full public view. This has led to angry reactions from opposition. »
The former minister in his controversial speech said that Rahul should use his real surname 'Khan' »
The deceased's son Pooran was allegedly picked up and kin of victims are being forced to withdraw the case. Lomas and Zubair were killed in an encounter. »
He said that structure in Ayodhya was demolished and the ones in the town won't remain either. He openly dared admin and govt. »
Zakir Ali had posted about the programme to hang Godse's effigy on October 2, after which he received the threat. »
Lost their lives as there is no toilet in their house & were forced to go out to attend nature's call & this angered the attackers. »
Initial losses estimated to the tune of Rs 10,000 crore; chief secretary says survey almost completed. »
As constructions continue at the periphery of the lake, it shows failure of admin & lack of intent to save the lake »
The 'Muslim leaders' kept their parties in the dark & didn't raise the issues of Muslims even at the party forums. »
Police said that after getting information about Maoists camping in the area, they had surrounded the area. »
Controversy has erupted as India's national emblem is no longer at the Bhopal civic body logo now. »
The department hadn't given info for two years and even submitted in commission that he had withdrawn his application. »
IMA must speak up for doctors but shouldn't it speak when doctors attacked, beaten, arrested & jailed in the line of duty elsewhere. »
To save the cows from any possible heat related ailments, water foggers have been installed in cow sheds. »
The agencies suspect role of separatist Naga militant group, NSCN (IM) behind this deadly attack on NPP lawmaker. »
The statement has come as a shocker even for the BJP leadership that only recently inducted her into the party. »
Mahesh was beaten by residents until he died on the spot. Incidents of mob lynching have seen a sharp rise in India in recent years. »
All these municipal employees were present on the dais during the event and had felicitated the BJP candidate. »
Nirmalakka herself pleaded in the court and fought 137 out of these 157 cases that were registered against her. »
The doctor used to take stolen cycles to Vidisha by train. Cycles have been recovered and doctor sent to jail. »
Vineet Patel, 27, was facing severe financial problems, and has left a suicide note apart from a video recording about his plight. »
Two kids were abducted & murdered in Satna just 20 days ago. Now, another child was abducted and couldn't be saved. »
The priest Hemant Dubey, an accused in the Prof Sabharwal murder case, is an ex-office bearer of ABVP and a BJP functionary. »
The incidents including rape of a 3-year-old and death of a boy, 12, were reported just a day after sensational murders of kidnapped twins »
The chief minister formally responded to Jhabua boy Himanshu Soni's letter, agreeing with him about the problems of sound pollution »
Incidentally, the pastor and his wife had earlier received threat from the members of the right-wing groups. »
The two persons--Mehboob Khan and Rodu Mal Malviya were booked for illegal transportation of bovines earlier also, claim officials. »