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In Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, Muslim workers of the party are resigning over the BJP's stand regarding NRC and CAA. »
Just 3 Indians have been hanged in the last two decades and the rape convict was last executed in 2004. »
Fatima Latheef's suicide has once again brought to fore the discrimination in institutions, it rekindles memory of Rohith Vemula and Dr Payal Tadvi. »
People tweeted 'sack Manish Maheshwari' to express anger over Twitter India's allegedly biased policies in India. »
The leader said that people living in urban areas should stop interfering in practices of the tribal communities. »
An engineer had complained that the woman was threatening to make photos viral unless he paid Rs 3 crore. »
Shockingly, DM refused to take action, saying it was 'internal issue' of college though police took side & stopped girls. »
1.9 million people-- than the population of Goa, an entire state, & almost equal to population of Mauritius and Fiji combined, termed 'illegal citizens'. »
Congress lawmaker Arif Masood meets Governor and urges him that J&K students here should be able to contact their kin. »
Will women who suffer sexual exploitation not think twice before daring to file case against influential persons in future? »
BJP's Upper caste vote bank is clearly the strongest and most loyal. No other party got such huge support from other caste groups. »
Akshay Lahoti suggested that if majority of Hindus vote against Muslim citizenship then Muslims should move to Pakistan and Bangladesh. »
LTTE is responsible for former PM Rajiv Gandhi's assassination and it is still involved in propaganda that blames India. »
Is it sarcasm or straight talk! Sidelined by the party, Uma claims she is 'moorkh' and Pragya is 'mahan sadhvi'. »
BJP says that it been committed to abrogate Article 370 from the time of Jan Sangh, and it reiterates its position. »
Sanjay Yadav is son of the municipal council chairperson. The recovery of weapons has come as an embarrassment for the party. »
Unprecedented anger was seen on the streets of Itanagar over govt's plan to give residence status to six tribes. »
Will the 'brahmastra' help Congress achieve success against BJP and the strong BSP-SP alliance in Uttar Pradesh? »
Major General (retired) SR Sinho said that the panel had recommended that the benefit shouldn't be extended to taxpayers. »
Shifted 19 times in 17 years of his career, Khan, is known for exposing corruption. Vivek Agarwal allegedly mistreated him. »
Congress has reacted sharply, saying that the leader was speaking the language of terrorists and should be probed for terror links. »
Responding to Shivraj's comment 'Tiger zinda hai' suggesting that he would take on Congress, Diggy said it was now without claws & teeth. »
In MP, opposition leaders were ignored and often not invited in government functions but Congress leaders went extra mile. »
This is a huge victory for Congress as it snatches three major states in the heartland from BJP, just ahead of the Lok Sabha polls. »
People say they are suffering for years, lack the most basic civic amenities & political parties-administration doesn't pay attention. »
Hindu Mahasabha has urged CM Yogi Adityanath to rename Meerut as Godse Nagar and also change two other cities' names. »
AAP candidates are handing over their promises on a stamp paper in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh. »
BJP claims 10 lakh participants at the venue but empty chairs at its Bhopal conclave tell a different story. »
JAYS is led by educated tribal youth and its growing popularity has been giving anxious moments to the BJP, especially, on tribal seats. »
Chouhan said, 'haan main madaari hoon' (Yes, I am the juggler)'. He said that he played the 'damru' and the bills came down to zero. »
Masood said that the policemen should also be made accused as it was due to their excessive delay that the victim died. »
Chouhan made a sharp attack on Digvijaya, saying that the latter appears to have no link with this country, its society and culture. »
Bora said that IT cell was not created to abuse but had a different mandate then. Now it's a Frankenstein's monster. »
He said that under BJP government, debt-ridden farmers commit suicide but big businessmen who default, are gifted hundreds of crores. »
PM Narendra Modi who is on a foreign trip and has landed in Malaysia today, is yet to react on the by-polls results. »
BJP tried every trick but couldn't get the desired numbers, despite emerging as the single biggest party in Karnataka. »
Congress objected that national anthem was played and instead of national flag, party flag was hoisted but BJP has played it down. »
BJP has said that the Congress leader's statement was objectionable and was aimed to get attention after being away from limelight for a long time. »
Kamal Nath has been given charge of MP Congress. He will be president of PCC while Scindia will head campaign committee. »
The group of employees belonging to general category, have been upset with CM over his statement that no one can dare take away the quota. »
CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that the existing age of retirement, which was 60 years, is being raised by two more years. »
The figure of suicides in Madhya Pradesh is highest among all the states in the country, says Berozgar Sena. »
The minister has said why such uproar is created over farmers’ death only when several MLAs in state have died too »
He advised recital for an hour each day and said that Lord Hanuman has the power to stop the damage inflicted by natural calamities. »
Opposition has said that BJP has failed to generate employment and is instead confusing self-employment with job creation. »
Congress leaders expressed surprise that how could FIR be registered on complaint of someone who is already in jail on charges of blackmailing. »
A note demanding apology from the CM, was also put up allegedly by a section of Gurjar community after the defacement »
Thackeray said that party will fight for the cause of Hindutva. He asked why Modi didn't take Israeli PM to Lal Chowk in Srinagar to hoist flag in Kashmir, instead of Ahmedabad. »
Though BJP performed well, Congress snatched several civic councils from it, signalling that it would be a tough fight in Assembly polls later this year. »
Narendra Modi govt announced abolition of Haj subsidy, soon after the Triple Talaq law, sending message to the BJP's core constituency »