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'Pushpak Viman', surgery on Lord Ganesha and telecast of Mahabharat to Dhritrashtra are examples of technological advancements in the past. »
The man was kept confined in the pantry car for half-an-hour and thrashed. Now, 12 persons have been arrested in this regard. »
Shreyansh Yadav, 45, ended life in Tikamgarh while octogenarian Ramcharan Kushwaha killed self in Guna district of MP »
Caste groups form their own ‘Sena’ and put up demands. If these demands are not met, they will not abide by law, not even the Supreme court »
The bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra stayed bans by Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh governments »
"While 1.41 crore people are unemployed, barely a few hundred youths get jobs through registration at the employment office in a year" »
So what if the CBFC has cleared the movie and even the name has been changed, CM has said that it won't be screened in MP. »
The school bus was apparently driven at a fast speed though failure of steering is said to be cause of mishap. »
A strong police posse has been sent to the area and the officials say that the situation is now under control. »
Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan made this announcement at a public programme here. »
The march was aimed to raise awareness regarding dangers posed by hate speeches. Insani Biradiri had given the call for it. »
Will rape survivors feel more secure by wielding a gun after the incident or should state's focus be on fast trial and stern punishment to rapists? »
Muslims were carrying flags that had symbols of crescent and star but in Saffron background, not in green. »
The 592 page 'chalan' names officials of Chirayu Medical College, LN Medical College, People's Medical College and Inded Medical College. »
Nearly 14 lakh or 1.4 million people from 67 countries participated in the 'dua' on the final day of the event. »
Nawal Singh, Daya Ram, Ram Ratan and Kallu have been in jail for 13 years because policemen implicated them in a crime, they never committed. »
The medical examination report had major lapses and the victim was termed as an 'accused' in it. »
Yogesh Choudhary and Anita Malviya have been sent to the Police Headquarters, said the Home department order issued on Sunday. »
CBI has said that there is not a grain of truth in the charges of Digvijaya Singh about tampering in the hard disk. »
Smoke that comes out after burning garbage daily, affects patients in adjoining hospital and residents around this historic park. »
The medal was conferred on him for 'courage' during encounter, which was later found to be a fake one. »
Apart from the basic information about the person, Aadhar card is mandatory for operation as per a Health department communique. »
Apart from BJYM district chief, a BJP leader from Manasa has also been arrested. They are being interrogated. »
Apart from BJYM district chief, a BJP leader from Manasa has also been arrested. They are being interrogated. »
Panchayat decreed that Kamlesh Devi had murdered the calf and therefore she would have to beg outside village for 7 days »
At least 200 cows were reported dead in past few days in the Gaushala run by BJP leader Harish Verma. 27 have been officially due to starvation. »
The accused, Tiwari, left for Allahabad for a dip in Ganges but meanwhile the complainant filed FIR against him. »
Citizens held a candlelight vigil and paid tributes to the victims. They asked Centre for tough action against terrorists. »
Eminent citizens including writers, intellectuals and activist also spoke against lynchings and wrote to PM, demanding action. »
PM, President urged to ban cow vigilantes during Bhopal protest. Rs 1 cr compensation sought for victims' kin. »
The famed poet said that if cows remain safe, everything will be safe in the country. »
Among the suicides on Monday, one was in Sehore district – the home turf of chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan »
In Hoshangabad, Makhanlal Lovanshi, 68, hanged himself from a tree while in Vidisha, Harisingh Jatav killed self over land demarcation. »
Meena had taken Rs 10 lakh loan from HDFC Bank, Rs five lakh from local moneylenders and could not pay electricity bills of Rs 2 lakh »
Eviction notices (dated May 23)were served on May 31, asking families to vacate houses by June 2, else houses would be flattened on June 3 »
Aunt of accused Man Singh died about a year ago and he suspected that the death occurred due to Ulfat Bi’s black magic practices »
The Consumer Forum asked the AG 8 Ventures Limited (formerly known as Aakriti Developers Pvt Ltd) to pay Rs 3.5 lakh each with 6% interest to complainants »
Manish Prajapati's entire body had a girl’s name branded apparently with hot knife – on chest, both side of abdomen, legs and hands »
The Director General of Mines Safety filed affidavits in SC that there are 44,155 mines across 36 states where 2,35,447 workers are at risk of silicosis. »
They reminded CM that Sindhis were earlier assured that they would be rehabilitated in MP and won't face problems. »
The 750 MW ultra megal solar power project is touted to be one of the biggest in world and would also supply to Delhi Metro project »
The bungalow was built in the era when Bhopal was a princely state. Maulana Azad's sisters had stayed here. Later, Seth Chhagan Lal bought it in an auction. »
The Opposition said that the book defamed the Gond tribals and demanded its withdrawal from the universities. »
Tariq Zafar had earlier offered to quit. However, just a few days before his scheduled retirement, the State government decided to sack him. »
The basic idea is to inform people about government's schemes & seek the views of citizens on schemes. »
The minister allegedly lied about compensation due for delayed payments under MNREGS »
The Madhya Pradesh police personnel are investigating if it was a terror attack. »