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Muslims hold Saffron 'Islamic flags' replacing the traditional green in Miladun Nabi procession

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BHOPAL: Saffron flags instead of green in an Islamic procession!

Surprising it may seem but this happened in Madhya Pradesh recently.

Muslims were carrying the flags that had symbols of crescent and star but in Saffron background, not in green. 

This unique aspect was seen during the Miladun Nabi procession in Harda town in Madhya Pradesh. It was a rare scene because generally green flags aflutter during Muslim events. 

The procession was taken out by the local Muslim Tehwar Committee. There were partcipants wearing green skullcaps and there were some green flags too but the presence of Saffron flags drew attention. 

The organisers of the procession said that 'Kesariya' represents sacrifice and it is not that green is associated with Islam but saffron also has religious linkage. 

The Tehwar Committee officials said that there were white and saffron colours. These symbolise communal harmony and also Saffron is the Sufis' colour hence it should not be seen as something different because it brings people together, they added.