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Abducted child found murdered in Madhya Pradesh, just weeks after siblings' murder in Satna

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BHOPAL: A six-year-old child was abducted and later found murdered in Satna district in Eastern part of Madhya Pradesh. 

The police failed to rescue the child who was kidnapped by his own relative.

The kid--Shivkant, a student of KG I, was strangulated, hidden in a sack that was found abandoned near a pond.

The boy was playing outside house when he was abducted. Later, a ransom call was received by the family, demanding Rs 2 lakh for his release.

The police managed to trace the SIM card and found that it was registered in a woman's name. The suspect Vidya said that her SIM card was being used by the culprit, Anutabh Prajapati. He has been arrested now. The accused is the victim's relative and neighbour.

According to police, he made the ransom call after killing the child. The incident has put a question mark on law-and-order in the region, as despite mishandling an earlier case, police failed to rescue the boy in this case as well.

This incident has occurred barely twenty days after two boys--Shreyansh and Priyansh, were abducted and later murdered even though the ransom was paid to the gang, incidentally, in the same district (Satna).