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Bhopal: Why it took 5 days to arrest identified accused of sexual attack on 3-yr-old?

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BHOPAL: A child was sexually attacked in a playschool in Bhopal.

The medical checkup confirmed it but despite complaint, the police did not arrest the accused for days.

The incident was widely published in media and yet it took five days and Home minister's intervention before the accused was arrested.

Theare can be several reasons. One of them is apparently the friendship between the accused, Anutosh Pratap Singh, and the in-charge of the police station where the complaint was made.

What is not known commonly is that the accused is also related to DIG Raman Singh Sikarwar who heads the Bhopal police. This incident occurred in Kidzee school in Kolar area of Bhopal.

The accused's wife runs the school. The couple is well-connected and their friendliness with certain IPS officers is one of the reasons that police didn't even inspect the scene of crime, said sources.

It was after the kid had complained of pain in the stomach, that the family got to know about the incident, which had taken place in the school.  The child told her parents about the incident and kept repeating 'uncle gande hain' (he is dirty).

The kid has been in a state of shock, was neither playing with toys, nor interacting with other kids.  However, the police did not arrest the accused. Insiders say that if it was not the State Assembly session going on in the capital, the administration may not have even taken the action.

Finally, the police have arrested Anutosh Pratap Singh. The Town inspector Gaurav Bundel has been removed from the police station for dereliction of duty. His closeness with the accused is said to be the reason for the police not acting despite the complaint of such a serious nature.

But isn't it a reflection on law-and-order situation that it takes Home minister to intervene and only then IG orders removal of Inspector and arrest of the accused in a much publicised case of henious nature!