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Congress leader sends legal notice to Shivraj Chouhan, asks CM to apologize

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BHOPAL: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has been served a legal notice by Congress leader KK Mishra.

Mishra wants Chouhan to apologise for the latter's allegedly defamatory comments.

The Congress leader has said that in the recent legal case against him, Chouhan gave a statement in the court that Mishra is a person of 'vikrit mansikta' (the legal notice uses the term 'distorted mental condition'). 

Now, Mishra has sent a legal notice to Chouhan, though his lawyer. He has sought apology within three days of the receipt of the notice. Else, there will be legal action against Chief Minister, he says. 

The legal notice says, "you (Chouhan) appeared in the court on July 7 this year to get  your statement recorded and during the statement you made this imputation, which is completely false and frivolous". 

"My client is a person of completely sound mental condition and does not suffer from any mental disorder as alleged by you in the statement made in an open court in presnece of the learned judge as well as lawyers and public". 

"This was published in newspapers and has harmed reputation of my client". Terming it derogatory, defamatory and prohibited under the Mental Healthcare Act 2017, the legal notice asks Chouhan to tender unconditional apology to Mishra. 

The notice says that chief minister made defamatory comments against Mishra though he is absolutely fit. Under the Mental  Healthcare Act 2017, any person can't be termed mentally ill unless it pertains to his/her treatment, says the lawyer. 

The act has a provision of six months jail or 10,000 compensation. "There is no basis to use such terminology for Mishra and his statement is defamatory under section(s) 499-500 of IPC. "Apologise or face legal action", it says.